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      Donwei Machinery Industry
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      New Products
      Craft Tools
      Quilt Kits
      Mini Iron
      Rotary Cutters
      Felting Needle Tool
      Embossing Tools
      Sewing & Craft Box
      Ironing & Cutting Board
      Precut Paper Shapes
      Crochet Hooks
      Knitting Needles
      Knitting Accessories
      Cutting Mats
      Cutting Mat Kits
      Paper Cutter
      Tatting Shuttle
      Punch Needle
      Needles & Pins
      Punch Tools
      Pin Cushion
      Marking Tools
      Quilting Rulers
      Dressmaking Rulers
      Fashion Designer Kit
      Tracing Wheel
      Seam Ripper
      Magnetic Bar
      Lint Shaver
      Industrial Sewing Machinery Parts
      Domestic Sewing Machinery Parts
      Donwei, Scissors, Cutting Mat,  Rotary Cutter, Knitting Needle
        Company Profile

      Our belief:

      Donwei Machinery Industry Company is located in Taichung, Taiwan since it was founded in 1985. All the production and packing facilities along with the office are all located in the same location to ensure the efficient operation of the company.

      We constantly improve our products with three major principles: design, function and quality. To meet each customerˇs needs is our first priority.

      We have supplied bobbins to many well-known companies such as Singer, Juki, Brother, Elna, Pfaff over the years, and


      we also have supplied scissors, sewing notions, cutting mats, quilting tools, needles and many other innovative products to worldwide well-known chain stores. The key is we never slow down from developing new products and we only offer the best quality goods with competitive price to our customers.

      We specialize in supplying:
      Bobbins, sewing machine parts, scissors, cutting mats, rotary cutters, quilting rulers, sewing notions, quilting tools, needles, hobby and crafts tools, crochet and knitting.

      We use 3 brands to define and to prompt our innovative products worldwide:


      For spare parts:
      Throughout the years Donwei has been proved to be as an expert in manufacturing sewing machine spare parts, especially in bobbins and now the customers are recognizing this brand as a guarantee to the quality.

         For scissors and cutting tools:
      Donwei has developed a complete series of high quality scissors and cutting tools for the customers in sewing, quilting, crafting and stationery fields. With all the efforts in development and production, we only supply high standard scissors and cutting tools with a thoughtful design, best quality with a great durability, competitive price and short delivery time.

        For sewing, quilting and notions:
      Aware of the needs worldwide, Donwei officially stepped into sewing and quilting field in 2005. This brand is focusing on developing the most handy tools to assist end-user to achieve any sewing or quilting projects. With a short period of time this brand has already gained a great reputation worldwide.

      No.35, Da-wei Rd., Da-li Dist., Taichung City 41259, Taiwan
      Tel: 886-4-24071662   Fax: 886-4-24068941  E-Mail: info@donwei.com.tw
      Copyright © Donwei Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.
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