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      About LYC


      LYC bearing technical center has been identified state-level center by National Development and Reform Commission State Taxation Administration and General Administration of Customs since 1996.LYC technical center works on new products’ development old products improving bearing application technology processing technic and equipment testing technology and apparatus bearing life testing and performance analysis material and heat treatment technic technology of washing,antirust,lubrication and cooling chemical materials technology of computer application and others areas.

      > General Information about LYC R&D center

      • LYC Bearing Technical Centre has been identified as a state-level centre.

      • 300 research engineers

      • Develop approximately 500 new products every year.

      • 170 patents, including 10 invention patents .


      Bearing Design Institute

      Process Research Institute

      Material Research Institute

      Equipment Institute

      Application Software Research Institute


      1Science Library

      Material Inspection Lab

      Heat Treatment Lab

      Bearing Test Lab

      Bearing Failure Analysis Lab

      Science Library

      > Design Software

      ?LYC have developed bearing CAD/CAE/CAPP software independently.

      ?Jointly developed the Info Center PDM platform, integrate CAD, process design, CAPP as a whole.

      ?Finite element analysis software from ADINA, ANSYS,CATIA,ROMAX,DEFORM.

      ?LYC have developed bearing CAD/CAE/CAPP software independently.

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