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      About LYC


      Over 60 years of bearing manufacturing experiences and 25 individual factories, 200+ production lines provide you with reliable quality assurance and comprehensive solutions.

      LYC’s manufacturing process begins from forging (ring rolling) to turning, heat treatment, grinding, assembling and finish products. Roller, ball & cage are all produced in-house, this offers you the shortest possible delivery time with the most reliable products.


      • Components workshop
        Forging Plant
        Heat Treatment Plant
        Teel Ball &Roller Plant
        Cage Plant
        Turning Plant
      • Roduction Unit
        Auto bearing
        Ball bearing
        Railway bearing
        Slew bearing
        Extra large size bearing
        Large size bearing
        Precision bearing
      • Functional department
        R&D center
        Domestic sales Dept
        Import &export department
        QC department
        Materials Purchasing Dept
        Financial department
        HR department
        Strategic Development Dept
        Staff Education Center


      25 Manufacturing Factories. Rollers, Balls, Cages, Turning, Heat Treatment, Grinding & Assembly are All In-House.

      • ?

        Ball Bearing Unit


        Automotive Bearing Unit


        Large Bearing Unit


        Extra-large Bearing Unit

      • ?

        Slewing Bearing Unit


        Railway Bearing Unit


        High-precision Bearing Unit

      • ?

        Forging Factory


        Turning Factory


        Heat Treatment Factory


        Steel Ball Factory

      • ?

        Roller Factory


        Cage Factory


        Tooling Division


        Material Preparing Factory

      > FORGING

      4 meter CNC ring
      rolling mill
      Heating furnace
      2500T Hydraulic press
      AMP30 high speed forging
      line from Swiss (HATEBUR )
      Gas shielded spheroidization
      annealing furnace - Aichelin
      Pda630 high speed
      forging line from

      > TURNING


      From ф 3mm to ф 2230mm
      12 Aichelin production lines.
      Aichelin production lines231 units of production equipments,including shielding gas atmosphere roller furnace casting chain furnace ,mesh belt furnace multi-functionalcarburizing furnaces, Bainitic automatic production lines vacuum furnaces .


      Auto bearingSlewing bearingRailway bearingLarge size bearingBall bearingExtra large

      The First Manufacturing Plant Luoyang

      Production area of about 15,000 square metres

      Maximum Product Diameter Φ6300 mm

      The Second Manufacturing Plant Luoyang

      Production area about 49,000 square metres

      Maximum Product Diameter Φ13500 mm

      The Third Manufacturing Plant Yangzhou

      Production area about 35,000 square metres

      Maximum Product Diameter Φ3000 mm

      16 Turning CNC Lanthes

      Grinding Line

      Grinding Line

      Phosphating Line

      Cargo Train Bearing Assembly line

      Reconditioned Bearing Assembly line


      Press steel cage production line Solid cage production line
      Steel ball production line Roller production line
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